Is Your Com Radio Legal?

Transmitting on older VHF aircraft radios not meeting a frequency
tolerance of 0.003%, was made illegal by the (FCC)
Federal Communication Commission on January 1, 1997.
Transmitting on these radios is illegal, however, receiving radio frequencies
is perfectly fine.  Frequency tolerance for each radio is listed in
its user's manual or maintenance manual.  Some 360 channel
radios still meet the .003 tolerance.  You may call or email
us with the make, model, and serial number of your radio and we
will be glad to look it up for you.  Some models can be upgraded
or modified to meet the new standard.

Lafayette Avionics, Inc. is a full service avionics facility,
FAA Certified Repair Station with Class I, II, III, limited instrument,
and limited airframe ratings), that install new radios which meet
the above requirement.  Lafayette Avionics represents most major
avionics manufacturers including: Garmin, Bendix/King, Icom, Microair,
and many others.

Experience, commitment to excellence, and competitive pricing
combine to assure you the best possible service at the best
possible price.

Give us a call at (765) 743-3828 for information on all your
avionics needs.  The FAX number is (765) 743-0000.

Hoping we can be of service,

               Josh and Ron

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