Pitot/Static, Transponder, Altimeter, Altitude Encoder Requirements

Transponders are required to be inspected by an FAA Certified Repair Station
every 24 calendar months according to FAR 91.413 in accordance with FAR 43
Appendix F.  If you have an altitude encoder interfaced to your transponder,
the correlation must be checked with your altimeter at the same time according
to FAR 91.411 in accordance with FAR 43 Appendix E Part c.  Other information
on altitude reporting systems can be found in FAR 91.215, 91.217 and AC 43-6B.
Even if you only fly VFR your transponder, encoder/altimeter correlation,
and pitot/static system still must be checked by Federal Law.  Anytime
your transponder is in the ALT position, it will be sending signals to air traffic control,
as well as, other aircraft with traffic advisory systems telling them your altitude.
If you don't have the  altimeter/encoder coorelation checked, your transponder
may be sending them incorrect altitude information.  This should be correct for the
safety of everyone under air traffic control and flying with traffic advisory systems.  In
addition to the above, to fly in IFR conditions, the altimeter must be recertified according
to FAR 91.411 in accordance with FAR 43 Appendix E.

Lafayette Avionics, Inc. is a full service avionics facility, FAA Certified
Repair Station with Class I, II, III, limited instrument, and limited airframe
ratings, that can perform the required inspection for you.

Give us a call at (765) 743-3828 for information on  all  your
avionics needs.  The FAX number is (765) 743-0000.

Hoping we can be of service,

               Ron and Josh

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